The Unknown

harry is a vampire that falls in love with a mortal he almost bite he one night but liam stops him and orders eleanor to erase her memories harry is tying his best to get her memoies back and win her heart


4. just leave


~Harry POV~ 

I was alone with Taylor in the hallway I never like being alone with Taylor she annoy me. She was so transparent and always try to be with me and right now I was feeling down so I wasn't going to pull up with her shit today "Why?" she was looking down and her hands her forming into a fist "WHY???!!!!" a tear fell Down her face "ANSWER ME" she push me I just sigh and start walking toward my room she run to me before I open my door and electrode me "ouch bitch that hurt and you dare to ask me why" "omg I'm sorry harry jealousy go over me babe I..." I interrupt her "Don't call me babe were nothing and its not my problem your mot the one I want" I saw her hand come up and then slam!!! her hand connect with my face the force made my head move "Dont compare me to a mortal" she was crying her eyes out and I couldn't careless I turn around put my hand on handle "You and I could leave happy forever and ever since we never die but you actually want somebody who could easily die and leave your side why am I not good enough for you harold Edward styles huh actually want HER you don't even know her name or past you just like her for her looks and nothing more it broke my heart when you said you wanted to make her your lover" "Stop it just shut up before you get hurt physically Taylor I'm trying to be a gentleman but your getting me mad and don't compared her with you she's in a whole different level then you...and its not just looks so please leave her alone and leave me alone once and for all and I won't obey liam this time I would fight for her and I WILL get to know her better and win her heart cause without saying anything just looking to my eyes she have won my heart" I open the door closed it quickly and locked it. The next morning as I though she wasn't there anymore Louis have already taken her home I try asking him where he left her and where she was but he didn't want to tell me then I told Perry and it was the same with her. What good friends they are I need to find her no matter what it takes.

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