The Unknown

harry is a vampire that falls in love with a mortal he almost bite he one night but liam stops him and orders eleanor to erase her memories harry is tying his best to get her memoies back and win her heart


10. it was all worth it


Harrys POV

Something came to my mind how am i going to aproch her without scaring her and showing her the other side of me the dark side of me.As i was running and spacing out i bump into something...demi "You might want to go a few blocks to the opposite side of her and start waking and 'accidetly' run into her" she gave me a sincer smile "I want to help you i think is cute for you to go trough so much trouble to just see her one more time" i stay quite with a blank look demi was always afraid of danielle even more then liam she always stood by her side but this tiime she was helping US! "i know i know what your thinking and I guess I have come to my rebellious stage" she wink at me "Now go if you even want to see her....if you don't then this would be for nothing" I ran and took her advice and stop a few blocks father then her and start walking with my head Down. I bump into someone I smile grew on my face knowing it was her I had to shack it off before rising my head up. I put on a mad face."Omgers I'm so sorry I wasn't really looking I was spacing out plus I can't really hear anything with this headpho-" she cut her self off "Heyyy your that guy from last time mmmmm" she was trying to remember she look so cute at first with her worry face "Harold you can call me harry if you want to" "Oh right harry...did you made out with yor girlfriend she was pretty pissed off" I chuckle and she gave me a confuse face. "I'm sorry but I wouldn't dare to date her she's the walking devil" she laugh and a huge smile paper on her face showing me something I didn't knew of her. She had two deep dimples one in each side of her cheeck that made her even more attractive. "Well why were you with her then? Where you being a bad boy?" she smirk at me "I-I-I..." what? was a shuttering I'm Harold Edward Styles I don't shuttered I get girls in a snap I don't get Nervous around them what the fuck my hands there staring to sweet? I'm suppose to be a cold soul less vampire this girl is special she was getting me in a way I can't even explain "I'm getting my gosh your so adorable" she slidely punch my shoulder "Well is getting late and its not really a nice a neighbourhood here" "Yeah is the worst one I visited so far you know" "How about you come to my place unless your destination is close" she smirk at me she was so flirting with me but I don't mind I wanted to flirt with her back I was well experienced on how to flirt but with her it seems like the words didn't came out of my mouth "Sure why not" I respond she just smile at me. "Follow me then were close to my house" I nodded and start walking by her side.

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