The Unknown

harry is a vampire that falls in love with a mortal he almost bite he one night but liam stops him and orders eleanor to erase her memories harry is tying his best to get her memoies back and win her heart


3. im in trouble


~Harry POV~  

When Eleanor was done erasing her memory Danielle stop making me feel in pain we usually don't use our power to hurt each other unless is tragic and liam tell us to use them I guess he order Danielle to stop me sence naill wasn't strong enough to hold me for long. Liam call Louis in to the room and order him to locate her home and take her there before she wakes up or before sunset. Liam look at me with disappointing eyes "come everybody we need to talk...Louis you would have delay searching for her home for a while she won't wake up any soon I hope" liam turn around and walk off the room fuck I'm in trouble. We all entered his office liam was sitting Donw on his desk "What Happen out there Harold" I stay quite and he sigh "Alright at least we have erased her memort and we won't be seeing her anymore" "I'm sorry she was pure and lovely beautiful and her eyes were so sparkly it got me overwhelm it was all my fault In the first place so when you try erasing her memory I shouldnt have interrupted" "HAROLD you don't even know her name anyways she won't ever love you...your not human you wouldn't have a change did you saw how frighten she was" we all turn our heads to see Perry on the window I though she was hunting wait did she saw what happen out there? "Ah so you have return how did it went?" "Pretty good even tho I so preferred human blood then what your making us eat now liam" "well I'm terribly sorry that you think that way anyways you weren't here to get your job done so I think is fair enough that you do what I say don't you think?" he wink the room became quite and zayn glared at liam he never like how he treated Perry after all they were dating ...well only me and niall were single Louis was with Eleanor liam was with Danielle, Zayn was with Perry and that leaves me and niall oh yeah Taylor and dami live here too niall has a crush on demi but she doesn't want him And Taylor wanted me to go out with her she flirt a lot with me but I never like her like that. "Well harry I'm just letting you know never do that again any of you this is a warning if any of you exposed yourself and I catch you... We would have a serious problem...any how harry once she's gone don't go look after her Okk I'm saying cause of the way you reacted over threre alright that's it everybody your dismiss"Liam can actually be scary even for us "Oh Eleanor nice work today" Liam smile and Louis just grabbed hee waist and pull her closer to him. We all walk out Louis took Perry to help him find her home demi Eleanor and Danielle went upstairs to do what ever they were going to do niall went to the kitchen and zayn follow him that left just me and Taylor I sigh.

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