The Unknown

harry is a vampire that falls in love with a mortal he almost bite he one night but liam stops him and orders eleanor to erase her memories harry is tying his best to get her memoies back and win her heart


14. here we go again


~Harry POV~ 

That was scary liam have never talk to Danielle like that it seems almost unreal. we all went to the house as liam order and went to his office. We been there many times but not for the same reason twice. It was all because I decide to follow her that one night and then trying to see her again maybe Danielle was right I don't think about others but myself. Eleanor almost got kill tonight it if wasn't because liam stop it all. Liam is not in to violence as much as Danielle. There total opposites but hey opposites attract. Maybe that was me and nebula she was the light and I was the darkness. I would never want her to be like me I would never drag her to the darkness I want her to keep being the light that makes my life mean something. For my life not to be a empty hole that I before though I could fill it with drinking people's blood, Clubs, and having sex with a random girl I would found. That's not me anymore that hole could only be fill by nebula. I want her to be pure. "HAROLD LISTEN" niall was snapping his fingers infront of my face I had space out for a while. " Okk Okk I'm back on earth now I was just spacing out I'm sorry" liam sigh "Don't you get were in this position because of you and your actions.(He stood up and punch the wooden desk. It broke in half) AND YOU WOULD STILL DARE NOT LISTEN TO WHAT I'M SAYING!!!" I felt bad it was all "true but what can I say every time I start thinking about her is like I'm lift up from this world and taken to another one. A world were I wouldn't want to return from because she would be there my dear nebula." "Well well I guess we have a poet here now" Louis was teasing me wait he heard that? "Eh did I said that out loud?" they all nodded "Shit" I mumbled "Heyy no cursing styles" right demi could her all no matter how soft it was. "Styles it seems no matter what I would do or say you would never obey me would you?" I try saying something back to liam but he start talking again "You love her! When you love somebody you don't want to get away from them I get it. I been alive for many decades and I sure do know how that feels I felt in love with mortal to and couldn't stop breaking the rules for her I have already been in your situation so harold I won't stop you anymore" unbelieve a smile grew on my face showing my dimples and my heart beat fast "WHAT?" everybody shout out in surprised "Yup just one condition since your going to break the 1 rule means the other rules can't be broken which means you have to be good harry" I nodded we were all leaving when liam start laughing we all turn our heads again thinking he was crazy "She was right.....except about the part that says "He can do no wrong" that's all you do..." he handed me the song nebula wrote I remember I took it from her house it most have felt from my pocket and liam most have saw it then pick it up. I went up to him and snatch the paper off his hands "Uyyy didn't we agree you would be nice for now on nice boys don't do things like that" Liam is pissing me off he was going to teased me a lot I'm sure of that but its all worth it if its for nebula.

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