The Unknown

harry is a vampire that falls in love with a mortal he almost bite he one night but liam stops him and orders eleanor to erase her memories harry is tying his best to get her memoies back and win her heart


19. girlfriend for a minute?


~Nebula POV~  

Harry took his hands off. I was shaking in horror. So this the real Harold. I monster shape like an angel. Vampires are not a myth people invent for there on entertainment.This not twilight for sure... Am I serious right now I'm about to die probably and what I think of is a the movie twilight. "Nebula.....I'm not going to eat you. I like you. I'm sorry for what happen the first night I meet you but I being going through hell only to get to see you. Not all vampires are bad you know? Some even live among you and you don't even notice. Take Lucy for example. She's your best friend and I bet she havent change a bit since you meeted her did she?" what Lucy is one of them to? that's why her beauty is so unbelievable. But how can she even be one? Since when how old she really is.Well that would actually explain why she's always so cold "H-How did Y-you kn-know she was...." "Because we can scent our own kind. And she look at me and niall with a death glare. She has a great talent she can control others peoples dream.She can get into your mind.The girl you saw me last time with tan skin is Danielle. she can make you feel in pain. The one besides her was demi she can hear from long distance no matter how soft of a whisper it is she can still hear it and she can even read your mind and the blonde one she's Taylor she can generate electricity from here body and oh niall well he can control water all type. And that leads to me I can controll all 4 elements. Water,Wind, fire,eart. Want to see?" Harry made fire come.out his fingers he then send the fire trough the wind to make the fireplace light up I was amazed. Instead of in danger I feel safe in his arms now I even stop trembling. "Yeah i know I'm that cool" "Haha you wish I bet if I became one ill be cooler then you" "Hum dont dare me cause like I told you before I'm a pureblood so I could turn you into a vampire" "Can't all of you turn people into vampires?" "Hum that's were your wrong my lovely nebula only pureblood vampires can do that and by the way as you can see we can go outside it won't harm us and we do apper in pictures" "Don't worry I won't harm you come on stand up" I did as he told me. Harry stood up and immediately went down in his knees he grabbed my hot hand and took it into his cold ones. He gave me a huge smile making me forget he was even dangerous. "Nebula would you do me the honor to be my girlfriend?" without thinking I nodded. Wait did I just become girlfriend with a vampire am I out of my mind? harry stood up and hug me.  

~Harry POV~ 

She said yes to me I suddenly feel all this butterflies inside me. I know sounds gay but that's how I feel all my emotions were about to explode I really wish I knew what she's thinking at this moment. I heard clapping behind me. Shit. That couldn't be so soon? there back " Oh what a lovely performence but harry you know humans are only good for eating and that's it. Either you turn her into a vampire or will have to erase her memory and this time you won't be seeing her at all get it?" all of the others came in, but Louis had somebody around his arms "Lucy" nebula worry voice echo trough my mind "Well yeah she finally decide to droop by uff its being so long since the last time we saw her right?" zayn said coldly "Nebula I just wanted to see if you were safe all people and this house are sick basters-" "Hahaha yeah right like you weren't one yourself remember when we use to go hunting the only two of us that was our favorite thing to do when we use to go out" zayn sure hold a garage against Lucy.

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