The Unknown

harry is a vampire that falls in love with a mortal he almost bite he one night but liam stops him and orders eleanor to erase her memories harry is tying his best to get her memoies back and win her heart


20. Gifts


~Nebula POV~  

eight other people appeared from the nowhere one boy with blue eyes and with brown messy hair was holding Lucy. This is horrible I'm in a room filled with red eyes. Lucy try explaining why she was here and that I should just leave here but zayn cut her off. He doesn't seem to like Lucy . But still my best friend is a vampire my new boyfriend is a vampire what have I done with my life? suddenly I see demi whisper something into liams ear. Yes I know his name because he told me the first time we meet. I know another girl name Eleanor to. "So would you like to join us? Eternal life would sure suit you nebula. It suit Lucy when she change just to be with zayn?" I couldnt speak a world liam just offered me something I never though ik would hear "You see Louis,Perry,Demi,Zayn,Eleanor,Taylor,Lucy,Danielle,Niall they were all transform and giving wonderful gifts. That's one of the reason they all live in this house cause they all had powerful gifts. So what would you say become one of us?" "DON'T DO IT NEBULA THAT IS THE WORST MISTAKE YOU WOULD EVER DO AND WOULD REGRET IT FOREVER-" Liam put his hand over Lucy's mouth "Stop messing with the girls head get her out of here to her old room" "What are the powers? I grabbed on to the little courage and strength to ask that simple question. Harry was still behind me holding my waist thigh. I knew if anybody Try to pull something funny he would protect me. Liam told me and I was amazed it was a freaky bunch the ones they live here "So erm...let me go over this once again just to let it sink  

Danielle-Makes People feel in pain 

Demi-Can hear everything and can read your mind  

Niall-Can appear ice from the nowhere he also controls water around him no matter if its liquid gas or solid 

Zayn- Appers fire 

Harry-Can control all 4 elements 

Taylor-Can regenerate electricity from her body 

Eleanor-Can make you see what ever she wants you to  

Perry-Can see the future 

Lucy-Can control your mind. See how you feel and can control how you feel. 

Louis-He is stronger then others and faster. And also knows were is safe or not! 

Liam-He can tell when somebody is lying to him. He can know who is week and how's strong and he can scent people'srelationships.  

wow and most of you can erase people's memory with practice!?" liam nodded at me "Pretty impressive right? and this way you can become one of us and even become one of our really strange family" "Okk can I think about it? and if I accept I want harry to do it" "Sure you have over night and you may sleep here if you want in harry's room" I look up to see Harry's expression or if he would say something his face was blank and he just simply nodded. "Okk ill stay" "Ah how wonderful. Harold you have brought one with lots of courage. Anyone else would had fainted by now and would declined the offer to be in a house full of vampires" "Now you can see why I pick her" "Yeah I sure can and she would be really useful if she decides to turn into a vampire" "Why is she strong?" "She sure is" "What would be her gift?" "Haha you would like to know that? Well I won't tell you, you would have to figure it out by your own" I was totally confused now liam and harry were sure talking about me but I couldnt keep up with the conversion. "Come on nebula ill take you to my room" I nodded and follow him to his room.

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