The Unknown

harry is a vampire that falls in love with a mortal he almost bite he one night but liam stops him and orders eleanor to erase her memories harry is tying his best to get her memoies back and win her heart


2. everything seems so.....normal


~Harry POV~ 

I was jumping from building to see if I can find some animal to when something caught my eye she was tall her hair pull up in a ponytail she was wearing jeans and a tank top wow I want to know her I follow her for a long time but then a trip damn it I made a noise and she start running. I wanted to know who she was but I made everything so obvious I ended up showing her my fangs and gave ne no other choice but to suck her blood she look streamly therapy of me who I wouldn't after all I'm not a real human I just live amoung them when I was about to get insert my fangs on her liam show up of course he would stop me we vampires have try to stop drinking humans cause it was Getting to much attention he told me to get her so Perry would erased her memory I know for sure I wouldn't forget her at all and hopefully someday she would remember me. 

~Nebula POV~ 

we got to there house it was a mansion pretty good when we got outside it look pretty.....normal I was expecting darkness and coffins and all scary stuff from but nope harry put me down on the couch "Perry!!!" a bloond girl show up she was quite pretty of course vampires suppose to be gorgeous "Hum excuse me liam" a tall girl girl with wavy brown hair enter the room she had red eyes(liam and harry had honey kind of eyes cause they been in a diet and haven't suck human blood) "Perry isn't home she was feeling week and went hunting" "Well you need practice don't you Eleanor? would you erase this girl's memories harry exposed himself and we can't take a risk of letting her go" "Wait liam I don't want her memories erased" "Harry your in no position of objecting my decision" "I-I..." everybody turn there heads toward me waiting for me to finish my sentence "I don't really know w-what is happening I'm sure this is just a prank my co-workers try pulling on me or a bad dream" then the Eleanor sigh and start walking towards me she rise her arm and then put it on my forehead "I'm scared" I whispered almost to soft for somebody to hear me but somehow harold manage to hear what I said he was about to stop Eleanor when a bloond boy run to fast to him And put his arm around him "STOP I DON'T WANT HER MEMORIES ERASED I WANT HER TO REMEMBER ME I MEANT IT WHEN I SAID I WANT HER TO BE MY LOVER" struggling to get out of the blond boy arms then this dark sin girl with curly hair stand it on the door and saw what was happening she look at harry and whisper "Pain" I saw harry trowed himself to the ground and you could see he was really on pain. "I'm Sorry" Eleanor mouth to me after that everything went blank.

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