The Unknown

harry is a vampire that falls in love with a mortal he almost bite he one night but liam stops him and orders eleanor to erase her memories harry is tying his best to get her memoies back and win her heart


6. danielle reaction


~Harry POV~  

"What was that you know you aren't supposed to talk to her again" demi said and I shrugged my shoulders Danielle then grabbed my shirt and push me into an alley I landed on the floor. Shee stood infront of me when i try to get up she slapp me I was about to punch her when she let out the word "Pain" "Aahh" "Stop it you know is day time somebody can see us" demi said "then cover me I'm going to show him to obey me and obey liam is the best thing for all of us he only thinks what's good for him" Taylor came down from the building "STOP" "Why should I?" "Liam wants all of you back to the house" then she stop and start going back to the house I laid there still kind of in pain If she did for to long and then stop it still kind of hurts when she stops they all start going to the house except Taylor "I'll take him back when his healthy Okk I promised" Danielle nodded and told demi to go with her. "Damn it I hate it how she thinks she can control everyone just cause she's liams girlfriend" "Yeah" I got up and was ready to leave when I saw nebula I think she was going back home but her head turn to me and ran towards me this time Taylor was at my side "We meet again" she winked at me "Yeah" "One thing why are you in ally and with a totally different girl from before" I stay quite and she smile "I was teasing you...didn't you want my number earlier" "No he doesn't Okk now leave. You can tell your being really slutty right now" oh Taylor why. Gabby was shocked but she keep her head up and with dignity she left. "Bitch" I told Taylor start going after Gabby but she grabbed me from the back and start electroding me "I'm sorry for what I'm doing now and for what I say I just don't want liam to hurt you even worst if he finds out you went after her after he order you not to talk to her again" I understood and nodded me and Taylor went back home.

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