Boarding School illness

Leah,Natilie,Lily,Haley,and Zafrina all are big fans of 1D,but what happens when they get sent to boarding school, along with Liam,Niall,Louis,Harry,and Zayn? What happens when the school starts getting threading notes warning them to stay away from stuff, it turns out that all extra-cricular activities all start getting sick? Will they find out who is making everyone sick? Will there be a romance along the way?


2. First Note

Natilie's POV


Gosh, Niall's hot! Not to mention his blue eyes, blonde hair, and amazing Irish accent, he's the total package! But, I'm not that ready for a relationship, I still am a little on edge with boys since my ex-boyfriend raped me! Yes, you read that right, my ex raped me and he also beat me, I had cuts and bruises all over my body and he kept me from everyone. Now to find my room partner, I walked to room 213,and walked in, I saw a boy there unpacking, "Um, excuse me but what are you doing in MY room?" I asked. The boy turned around, no way! It was that Harry kid, that was talking with Haley, "Actually, we're roomates, I was told that I'd be sharing a room with a girl." Harry said. "Well, I'm Natilie,and I have some ground rules for sharing a room with me. No touching me unless I say, don't touch my clothes,no going through my clothes, no coming into the bathroom while i'm changing,showering, or going to the bathroom,and last but not least I get my own side of the bed and you you get yours and NO cuddling. Follow those rules,and we'll get along just fine." I stated, I actually felt proud of myself,not sure why,but I am."Wow,you make it sound like I'm going to rape you or something!" Harry said jokingly."Please don't joke about that." I said turning away."Okay, well I'm going to hang out with some friends. I'll be back."Harry said, he left the room. Finally I'm alone,well I better take advantage of it! I ran to my suitcase and grabbed some short-shorts,some flats,and a blue and green flowy top, I changed in the bathroom. I curled my hair and put on some eyelier and mascara. I grabbed my IPhone and ran to Haley's room. I was about to go in when I heard "Yeah,and she's like 'Please don't joke around about that', what happened Haley?" Harry asked. I saw Niall, Zayn, Harry, Louis, Liam, Lily, Haley, Leah, and Zafrina all sitting on Haley's couches. "Um, last year Haley was dating this guy named Lewis,and she was madly in love with him. Then, things started to get weird, he would keep her from us and when we would see her she would have bruises and cuts on her arms,one night she went over to his house after hanging out with her cousin. He got the idea that she was cheating and he beat her and... um..... rapped her, she finally got away and showed up on my doorstep.Listen, you guys can't tell her I told you." Haley said. I told her not to tell ANYONE and she goes and tells the boy I have a crush on and his friends that we only knew for 4 hours! I was in tears and so was everyone else. Haley looked up and saw me "Nat....." Haley started, I cut her off, I just stood there shaking my head, tears streaming down my face "I trusted you......" I said. I turned around and walked to the football field where the cheerleaders were practicing, they had just gotten out of lunch and I went to sit on the benches, before I sat down I saw a piece of paper I picked it up and read it, it said:

Cheerleaders are ick, and they're going to get sick.


Just then all of the cheerleaders were on their hands and knees throwing up. Hmm, what a concidence?

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