Princess In The Rags

Melody is poor, helpless, and socially awkward. At least thats what kids at her High School think. Melody is hiding a BIG secret, that even she cant figure out. But having no one to talk to or trust she cant find help in discovering her true idenity. On the way to finding out who she truly is she meets friends, a family willing to take care of her, and maybe even her prince ( shh)


1. Sara's as fake as a knock-off prada

" Melody!" screeched Sara Parachi, THE most popular girl at GWH ( George Washington High). " I have something for you!" Sara indeed had something for Melody but it wasnt any good. " What is it" Melody asked happily. Maybe Sara wasnt so bad after all. " This" Sara, then stuck her leg out in front of Melody causing her to fall and drop her  books. " Told you i had something, but, you know I never like said it was good" Sara and her 2 minions, Yasmine, and Jessie laughed as they walked away. Melody looked got up and ran. Melody then decided that Sara was never gonna change. Sara was Sara. Perfectly rich, perfect body, perfect friends, perfect boyfriend, perfect place on the social ladder. Melody was about as popular as a speck of dust. She just flew by everyone, no one took a second look EVER! Melody thought it all over during 8th period, her last period of the day. Right when the bell rang she abruptly shot up and grabbed her stuff and ran. She ran home knowing what her desician would be.

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