Princess In The Rags

Melody is poor, helpless, and socially awkward. At least thats what kids at her High School think. Melody is hiding a BIG secret, that even she cant figure out. But having no one to talk to or trust she cant find help in discovering her true idenity. On the way to finding out who she truly is she meets friends, a family willing to take care of her, and maybe even her prince ( shh)


2. All time low

" Hi dear!", yelled Melodys mom from her office. " How was school!?". Melody put on her usual fake smile and walked into her moms office. " Fine mom, great actually". Her mom was used to that line, she heard it every day. Her mom worked 5 jobs just to pay for there one bedroom apartment in  Chicago. The place was nice for Melody, but it was all she ever knew. Her clothes were from the local thrift shop, and often worn until they she couldnt even put a limb in. She almost ALWAYS never did anything fun, and honestly dosnt really know her mom.Her mom works one job from home on fridays and that  job is working on a phone line. Melody wasnt in the mood to talk to her mom and once her mom turned to answer a call she ditched the " office" as fast as she could. What Melody was thinking about doing would change the lives of so many people around even though she didnt beleive anyone cared. melody locked herself in the bathroom, because she sleeps on a pull out couch so she dosnt really have a room. Melody sat on the cold tile floor and thought about Sara. Sara dosnt live in a ratty old apartment, Sara lives in a manshion. Sara dosnt shop at a Thrift shop, she shops at places like BCBG. Sara dosnt need to worry about looks, she perfect. Saras like a princess, and im just a servent. Oh if only Melody knew what was coming at her. Slowly Melody pulled out her tiny pocket knife. " No one would care anyway". Oh but boy she was wrong. All that she could remember was waking up in a hospital bed with bandages tightly wrapped around her left arm. " Why am i here?!?!" she screamed. " Oh honey your awake!!". Her mother ran to her bed and pulled her into a tight hug. " owch!" moaned Melody. Getting the hint her mother pulled away, but a look of happiness turned into a look of grief, disapointment, and guilt. The docter walked in, looked at Melody and said " We need to keep you a few nights for observation." Melody stared at the ceiling as if nothing was happening. " What you did was very serius Ms. Melody." Melody looked at the docter and mumbled uder her breath " if you only knew" Melody then got up and walked out of room. " MELODY!" screamed the docter and her mom. She just ran, and ran, and ran, and ran into the night sky.... 

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