Miranda Nichols was 18 years old, 5ft 5' with sea green eyes and brown hair. She was dreamy and self-confident and wasn’t really scared of anything; she had a very bubbly personality.
At her funeral her best friend Tiffany gets some sort of signals that push her to believe that Miranda is still alive.... Is she?


6. Police station

5 minutes from the police station and he was still hot on our tail. Did he want to get caught? We came flying into the station and grabbed Miranda started to race for the door when Daren came whizzing in as well and started chasing us. We tried to run to the door as fast as we could but he caught up to us and knocked us to the ground with his gun pointed at us. I screamed for help as loud as I could and with that he shot a bullet right beside my ear and it burrowed itself into the ground. “I missed on purpose. I won’t do it twice.” He said in a menacing tone which made Alice flinch. He was standing at the end of me with the gun pointed at my head. I knew I had to do something. It was either that or get shot. I kicked my foot up and nocked the gun out of his hand back towards me. It landed about a meter away from me and I couldn’t reach it from there. He went to run for so I kicked his legs out and quickly crawled over and grabbed it. I stood up and pointed it at his head. He immediately threw his hands up in the air and started pleading and trying to compromise with me. I just stood there and didn’t move. “Well would you look who’s laughing now?! Still think you’re so big and tough now, hmmmm?” I smirked at him. At that I yelled as loud as could again for help and police came rushing out.
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