Miranda Nichols was 18 years old, 5ft 5' with sea green eyes and brown hair. She was dreamy and self-confident and wasn’t really scared of anything; she had a very bubbly personality.
At her funeral her best friend Tiffany gets some sort of signals that push her to believe that Miranda is still alive.... Is she?


4. Finding Miranda

​As we pulled up to the address we were all a little leery to get out of the car. It was Daren’s house. Miranda’s ex-boyfriend. Let’s just say that Daren’s not the nicest person you will ever meet he’s just very attractive. Miranda broke up with him about a month ago, and nobody breaks up with Daren. He always has to break up with them and he wasn’t very happy about it. He never quite got over it and you could tell it drove him crazy that everybody in our college knew about it. He even threatened to… before I could even finish that thought a blood curdling scream pierced through the air. We all froze and slowly turned our heads to look at each other. We all new that we had to go in and we couldn’t get help as the police station is a good hour from here. We decided to park the car around the corner and wait for Daren to leave. We all knew he was in there and we had a pretty good feeling Miranda was too.
5 minutes later…
​As we walked up the first flight of stairs in his house the heavy weight of the stench of smoke and alcohol engulfed us like acid injected quick sand. Through the haze I could vaguely make out the mere shape of a glistening silver doorknob. I went to grab it to keep myself from toppling over and realized there was something wrapped around it. I untied and held it up in the faint light. It was a white blood stained silk scarf. I couldn’t bring myself to open the door as I now knew she was in there, so my friends did it for me.
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