Miranda Nichols was 18 years old, 5ft 5' with sea green eyes and brown hair. She was dreamy and self-confident and wasn’t really scared of anything; she had a very bubbly personality.
At her funeral her best friend Tiffany gets some sort of signals that push her to believe that Miranda is still alive.... Is she?


5. Daren

​On the floor Miranda was lying motionless with an orange silk scarf clenched around her skinny pale neck. We slowly walked up to her and bent down. She was still breathing but was out cold. It looked as if her head had been hit pretty hard and her face was really banged up too. We all new Daren could be back any moment now so we decided to take Miranda now and act on her health later instead of getting us all killed.

Half way down the stairs with Miranda we heard the door to a truck slam. So we raced down the rest of the stairs and hid under them. Daren walked in with a gun in one hand and empty bottle of whisky in the other and it was obvious he could immediately tell that something was different. He then raced up the stairs and stopped dead in his tracks as soon as he got to the door where the scarf was. Shit! We had forgotten to put the scarf back! We then heard him practically rip the door off its hinges to get in and smash the bottle of whisky on the floor when he saw that Miranda was gone. We took that as our cue to leave. Almost to the car we heard him running after us so we picked up our pace trying not to drop Miranda. That’s when I felt a bullet come whizzing past my face and smash the passenger window of my car. Luckily before he got the chance to aim at us again we got to the car and piled in and raced off without worrying about seatbelts. We just wanted to get away from him! He on the other hand wasn’t going to give up that easily because he was right behind us in his truck. “Alice! Call the police!!” I screamed in fear. “I don’t have reception!” she screamed back. I could tell she was terrified.
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