Miranda Nichols was 18 years old, 5ft 5' with sea green eyes and brown hair. She was dreamy and self-confident and wasn’t really scared of anything; she had a very bubbly personality.
At her funeral her best friend Tiffany gets some sort of signals that push her to believe that Miranda is still alive.... Is she?


7. "Blood, Threats, But, Death, Kills, I, Can, Always, See, You."

2 weeks later…

​Daren is in jail now and Miranda is in the hospital with serious head injuries and has woken up from her coma. She is slowly on the path to recovery. We are still not sure where all the clues came from, and we tried to find the priest but he was nowhere to be found, and whenever we would ask someone about him they said they had never even heard of his name before. He wasn’t even on the list of residents for the country. Today however we are going to go back to the graveyard and are going to open up the coffin.

​We dug up the coffin and after we lifted it out we realised that all the scarfs were gone but the nails were all still there. “That’s strange.” I thought. We slowly but carefully opened the lid to the coffin an as soon as it was fully open all five of our scarves shot straight up into the air and landed at our feet. Each one had a different word on either side.
“Blood, Threats, But, Death, Kills. I, Can, Always, See, You.”
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