Online love

Ari has a loving family , good friends a 3 year old daughter named Ava. You see Ari used to date a guy named Niall Horan and they had a daughter then he left her for the xfactor and never tried to contact her or see them. Now Ari is 18 last year of high school and doesn't trust guys to date. But what happens when she has a spark with a boy over a meeting site named 1Dlover. Will sparks fly?


5. Chapter 5

When we arrived Ava was all excited jumping up and down. "Mama guess what"!!?? "What Ava"? "We're here". "Yay"!! I acted surprised. Eleanor and I cracked up. Oh i love her she's so cute. We were in the airport waiting for Louis. Most likely bodyguards will come but we will wait and see. A few minutes later I was right bodyguards came and screaming fans approached to. Ava covered her ears. "It's loud mama". "I know Ava". When we were halfway down the airport Ava poked the guard. "Woah your very serious mister". She look mermorized. "Ava, don't do that say your sorry". Eleanor cracked up to the side. I held back a smile. "I am sorry mister". He nodded and we went back to walking. Once Eleanor saw Louis she bolted. VROOM!! She kissed him like there was no tomorrow. Memories flodded back of Niall and I. The way he kissed me tenderly never wanting to let go and that's not the worst part. Once we were in the limo there were plenty of seats. But Eleanor say right on Louis's lap and they cuddled. The way Niall and I used to. Tears started to form. I had to stay strong. Ava was asleep next to me. Eleanor soon fell asleep in Louis's lap. It was akward. Even with the silence. "So I am Louis". "Ari". "Nice to meet you Ari". "You to". "So hav you heard of our band before, One Direction".? "No". "Oh well there is me Liam, Zayn, Harry and Niall". Shock struck me. "What's nialls last name"?! "Horan why"? Oh gosh no not the guy who hurt me. "Ari what's wrong your turning red a real bright red". I couldn't think straight or talk. My body was numb. Oh gosh! I remember memories a whole lot of memories of Niall and I. But especially when he left me. He promised he would come home but that promise was broken a while ago. "Ari"...... Then I heard screams and the car screech and I was black. The last thing I remembered was.....Ava.
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