Online love

Ari has a loving family , good friends a 3 year old daughter named Ava. You see Ari used to date a guy named Niall Horan and they had a daughter then he left her for the xfactor and never tried to contact her or see them. Now Ari is 18 last year of high school and doesn't trust guys to date. But what happens when she has a spark with a boy over a meeting site named 1Dlover. Will sparks fly?


3. Chapter 3

The next morning we headed to the airport with Eleanor. "Mama me want milky". "We have to wait ok". "Ok". After a few minutes she got cranky of waiting and started to scream and cry. "Ava Elizabeth..." She continued. "1....2....don't make me get to 3". "No mama". She ran to Eleanor or was getting our tickets. Eleanor looked down and smiled. "What's wrong Ava"? "Mama counting". "Ooo that's not a good sign what did you do". Ava put her head down guilty. "What did you do?". Eleanor montioned for me to fake cry I played along. "Look at mama she's crying you hurt her feelings". Out if the corners where it was open I was Ava start to panick. "Can you say sorry mama?" Eleanor let Ava down and Ava ran to me. "Mama".? "Yes Ava". I said in a squeaky voice.
"I sorry I wanted my milk and I am tired, do you still love me"? Aww she's so cute. "Of course Ava". I lifted my head and she kissed my cheek. We held hands and got on the plane and waited to get to the beach. Yay!!!
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