Online love

Ari has a loving family , good friends a 3 year old daughter named Ava. You see Ari used to date a guy named Niall Horan and they had a daughter then he left her for the xfactor and never tried to contact her or see them. Now Ari is 18 last year of high school and doesn't trust guys to date. But what happens when she has a spark with a boy over a meeting site named 1Dlover. Will sparks fly?


13. Chapter 12

               Tears ran down my face still but I have to go. I packed up my clothes and left this horrible place. When I was running down the stairs my suitcase accidently hit something. I rushed to see what it was. On a tiny desk was a picture of Niall kissing my cheek. We were young and in love. No Ari don't feel bad he hurt you. I quickly put it back and up and rented a taxi left for the airport. Once I was at the airport I got my ticket and waited. Sense when can niall take care of a child? Sense when does Ava love him more? I can answer that question. "Flight 9 exit 3 leaving in 4 minutes". That's my flight. I hauled my things over to my flight. "Ticket please?" I handed my ticket and went to me seat and packed my things inside. As I sat down and checked my phone I had 20 missed calls from one direction. I listened to the recent one supposed to be from Niall but it was Ava's voice. "Mama I miss you come home I need you we need you". You could hear the years in her voice. "Mam, were leaving no electronics till were in the air. "Ok". "Thank you". As I was putting the phone away a fat guy sat down next to me. He farted!!! Ewwwwwww!!!! It smelt like rotten eggs. Anyway so I ignored him and just sat waiting to leave. A few minutes later we left. 

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