Online love

Ari has a loving family , good friends a 3 year old daughter named Ava. You see Ari used to date a guy named Niall Horan and they had a daughter then he left her for the xfactor and never tried to contact her or see them. Now Ari is 18 last year of high school and doesn't trust guys to date. But what happens when she has a spark with a boy over a meeting site named 1Dlover. Will sparks fly?


12. Chapter 11

When we got to the concert we had passes on our neck. Ava and I. We got seats near the stage in the back Niall was close to her. The concert started!! And Ava silently clapped. As they went out on stage and waved Niall came out. "Hi everybody I'm Niall as you know I haven't talked to my mates about this but I need to do this before we start". All of one direction looked confused Ava and I did to. "I would like someone special out near my side". Kids raised there hands teenagers screamed. "I want my daughter Ava to please come out". She silently got up and walked onstage. I watched carefully. Niall picked her up. "Ava can you say hi to everyone".niall said and looked at her. "Hi".? She asked like it was a question the fans laughed. "We'll also we have my ex girlfriend who is the mother Ari who has raised her for years now, Ari please come out". I walked out. Everyone said ooo and ahhh. "Ava why don't you go stand beside your mom". "Ok". He put her down and Ava walked over to me took my hand and pulled it toward Niall. After maybe 15 centimeter difference Ava stopped and smiled. "Why are you smiling like that Ava"? I looked at Niall he was getting down on one knee. Oh gosh! "Ariana Rose Smith will you marry me"? I was shocked and just stood there liked a idiot. "Um....." He gave me that look and I couldn't stand those eyes. Before I was about to say yes memories fled back the bad ones and we had lots of those. Tears sprang in my eyes. "No....". Everyone gasped and whispered. Ava's face turned from happy to sad. Niall had puppy dog eyes and a solemn face while the rest of the band jusy stood there. No emotions on their faces. "I'm sorry Niall but after you left me and what you did to me I can't have that pain again". Niall nodded. "Ava come on let's go home". I tried to pull her hand but she nodded no. "No mama I stay with daddy". "What"? "You heard me". "No Ava go with your mom". Niall said and smiled sadly at her. "No". She ran to him and wrapped her arms around him. "Goodbye mummy" she said and looked down with sorrow and she cried. Tears went down my face. "Goodbye Ava". I walked of stage and went back to the hotel.
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