Online love

Ari has a loving family , good friends a 3 year old daughter named Ava. You see Ari used to date a guy named Niall Horan and they had a daughter then he left her for the xfactor and never tried to contact her or see them. Now Ari is 18 last year of high school and doesn't trust guys to date. But what happens when she has a spark with a boy over a meeting site named 1Dlover. Will sparks fly?


11. Chapter 10

At the boardwalk I decided to get some clothes for Ava. She loves shopping I wish she was here so it could just be us but I want to be alone right now. I bought a few dresses when paparazzi came down the walkway looking probably for some celebrity. Oh gosh. Me and Niall but Liam I hid behind a rack. "There gone". I turned to see the lady at the counter. "Thanks". She half smiled and turned to checking out the clothes. "Thanks". "No problem I know how it feels having Justin Beiber as your brother in law you kinda get used to it, is this all?" "Yes please". "Who are these for"? "My 3 year old daughter". "Aww who's the father".? I hesitated. "Niall horan". "Oh ya a few years ago it was all over the news how you guys went out and the baby then you to broke....". She stopped herself. "It's ok but thanks again" "anytime have a nice day". She handed me the bags and I finally calmed down and headed back to Liam's for a nightmare.

I opened the front door. "Mama".? Ava came running in. "Ava wait....". He stopped and stared at me. She went over to Niall and took his hand then she walked toward me while they held hands she took my hand and lead ours hands closer. Trust me I would have pulled away but I didn't want to hurt Ava's feelings. She put our hands with each others and let her hand go. "See you to can get alone". "Ava I think you mean along". Niall said and chuckled I smiled. "Whatever". She rolled her eyes that she has seen me do like a billion times. We both laughed at that. We turned back to our hand holding. When we heard footsteps niall pulled away. "Here Ava mommy went shopping and got new clothes for you". "Really?!?!" "Really all for you". "YAY NEW CLOTHES"!! Liam walked in. I ignored his presence. "Time to go to the concert in twenty minutes" I quickly grabbed Ava and turned up the stairs. She played with her toys while I showered. I got out put on jean shorts and a pink Hollister shirt. Then my black flipflops and blow dried me hair so my hair was straight. I got Ava changed into a 1D shirt and some jean shorts with her hair in a braid and sandals. We went downstairs and Niall whistled. "Woah you to are looking stunning". I blushed and we went to the concert.
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