Truly Madly Deeply Crazy in love with Lou.

This is a story about a girl named Sage and her best friend Kayden. The decieded to move to England. When they get there their neighbor comes over to greet them. Sage and Kayden never herd of One Direction, so when their neighbor Louis comes over to greet them, they don't know it is Louis Tomlinson. Sage ends up likeing Louis and Louis likes her to. But do they know the feeling is mutuil?


4. The Boy Next Door

Louis, Kayden, and I walked into the living room and sat on the couch. Louis looked around. "Nice house you have" Louis said.

"Thanks" I replied.

"So where are you guys from" he asked.

"We're from Miami. It's in Florida." I said.

"Wow you guys are a long way from home"he said laughing.

"Why did you guys move here" he asked.

"We just wanted To move to a new area that's all" I said.

"So, how long have you lived here" I asked Louis.

" I have been here all my life. I love it here and I plan to stay here my whole life. He said with a smile on his face. If he lived here all his life Maby I can ask him to show me around sometime. We were sitting in the living room and Louis's phone went off. He said excuse me and walked out of the room.

"OMG Kayden, I think I like Louis" I said.

"Someone has a crush on the neighbor boy" Kayden said loudly. Louis looked into the living room.

"Kayden be quiet, I don't want him to know" I said.

"We'll how else is he going to find out then" she said.

"He isn't going to find out, ok" I said. Louis walked out into the living room and looked at us.

"Hey are you guys busy tonight"he asked.

" No why what's up" I said.

" would you guys like to come to dinner and a movie with me and a few of my friends" he said looking at me.

" yes" Kayden said immedietly after he finished.

"Great, so how about I get you say around 7" he said.

" yea sounds great " Kayden said. Louis walked out the door. I looked at Kayden when he walked out the door.

"What was that for Kayden. You know I like him" I said.

" yea exactly,what better way to get to know him." She said. I rolled my eyes and looked away.


"Come on sage, lets get ready. It's almost 6" she said. I got up and started to get ready. We did our hair, make up, and got dressed. When it was done it was 6:45. We sat on the couch until Louis came over. 15 minuets later we herd the doorbell ring. It was exactly 7:00. Kayden opened the door and Louis was standing there in a red and blue striped shirt, blue pants, and black suspenders.


 "You girls ready to go"he said. "Yea, let me quick grab my purse and we can go" Kayden said. She grabbed her purse and we walked to Louis's car. Kayden let me sit up front with Louis. We arrived at the theater and met up with his friends. His friends were Harry and his girlfriend marley, Liam and his girlfriend Danielle, Zayn and his girlfriend Perry and Niall. Niall was staring at Kayden and Kayden was staring at him.


 "So, shall we go in" Harry said. We all walked into the theater. We go tickets and snacks. After we got everything we went into the screening room. I sat next to Louis Kayden sat next to Niall and the other boys sat next to their girlfriends. Then the movie began, Louis said we were seeing safe haven.

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