Truly Madly Deeply Crazy in love with Lou.

This is a story about a girl named Sage and her best friend Kayden. The decieded to move to England. When they get there their neighbor comes over to greet them. Sage and Kayden never herd of One Direction, so when their neighbor Louis comes over to greet them, they don't know it is Louis Tomlinson. Sage ends up likeing Louis and Louis likes her to. But do they know the feeling is mutuil?


27. OMG!!!!

I woke up and Louis was in the living room. I got up and put on my shirt and shorts. I walked out of the room and went into the bathroom when I realized I didnt get my period this month and im due. I ran out to the kitchen and I grabbed a test out of the box. I went into the bathroom and closed the door. I opened the box pulled out the test and I read the instructions. I did as it said and after I did that I waited for the results to show up. When they showed up I ran out of the bathroom and over to Louis, I was so happy I started to cry. "Whats wrong Sage" Louis asked concerned.

"Im pregnant" I said crying and hugging Louis tight. Louis was in complete shock and he could not move.

"Are you ok Louis" I asked backing up.

" Fine just in shock. I can't believe your pregnant." He said pulling me into a hug.

"I have to go tell Kayden, she will be so excited." I said. Just as I was about to walk over to Kaydens Louis grabbed my arm and pulled me over to him. He put his hand on my chin and put my face facing his.

"I was  thinking maybe we could keep this baby and we could help them adopt a baby." He said to me.

"You really want to be a dad don't you" I asked him.

" I have been waiting so long to find the perfect girl and I finally found her. I would like to keep the baby because it will be something I have that no one can take from me just like you." He said. I started to cry, his words were just so touching.

"I'll go talk to Kayden now and tell her that we are going to keep it." I said.

"Ok I'll go with you" he said following me.  We walked over to Kayden and Nialls room and knocked on the door, they didn't answer. I wonder where they could be. We went back to our room got breakfast and layed down in the bedroom.


 " So, were having a baby" he said.


"Yeah, I know. Are you excited" I asked him.


"very excited, are you" he asked me.


"Yeah, I can't wait." I said. We layed there for about a hour before we went to check if they were back. When we went to knock on the door they still didn't answer. I think they went out to the mall something. We went back into the room and layed back on the bed and watched tv. We were watching tv for about an hour more and Louis fell asleep. I turned off the tv and layed on his stomach and closed my eyes. I was picturing what it is going to be like when we have our baby. I can't wait to find out the gender, pick out the name, and I can't wait till we bring it home. After a while I fell asleep. I had a dream about the baby and how good of a father Louis is going to be. I am never going to let Louis go. He is going to be an amazing father.

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