Truly Madly Deeply Crazy in love with Lou.

This is a story about a girl named Sage and her best friend Kayden. The decieded to move to England. When they get there their neighbor comes over to greet them. Sage and Kayden never herd of One Direction, so when their neighbor Louis comes over to greet them, they don't know it is Louis Tomlinson. Sage ends up likeing Louis and Louis likes her to. But do they know the feeling is mutuil?


24. kayden

"sage wake up we need to get to the hospital" Louis said trying to wake me up.

" What's wrong" I said sitting up and wiping my eyes.

"kayden won't wake up she in the ambulance now going to the hospital. I called us a taxi the others are already on their way to the hospital" he said giving me my clothes. I jumped out of bed and got dressed. We ran outside and we got into the taxi and went to the hospital. When we got there we ran up to the counter and asked where Kayden was. When she told us we quick went to her room. When we walked in I was relieved to see that Kayden was awake but it was only her and niall in the room and they were both crying.

"What's wrong. Is everything OK?" I asked concerned.

" I think Kayden would like to talk to you alone" Niall said wiping the tears from his eyes. He walked out of the room with Louis And closed the door. I walked over to Kayden and gave her a big hug

. "Are you OK" I asked releasing from the hug.

"I had a miscarriage and I'm not capable of having a baby now." she said crying harder.

"Oh my god. I'm so sorry" I said trying not to cry. No matter how hard I tried not to cry I just couldn't help it.

" Niall said no matter what we will always have our baby Carly." She said. That is the sweetest thing I have ever heard of a guy saying.

"Everything is going to be ok, I promise you" I said to her.

"Thank you" she said still crying. I feel so bad for her and Niall, this baby ment everything. " I have to go, I'll send Niall in. " I said walking to the door.

"Ok, I'll see you later" she said. I walked out into the hall and walked over to where they were standing.

" Um, I think Kayden wants you to go into the room" I said to Niall.

" Ok, and thank you for talking to her. She really needed a friend with her for a while" he said.

" yea it's no problem. I think we should go Louis, I need to talk to you about something" I said.

" Is everything ok" he asked concerned.

" Yea I just think we need to do this for Kayden" I said walking with him. Louis called for a taxi and we waited outside for it to arrive.

" Are you sure everything's ok" he asked.

" Yea it's just that I have a favor to ask you. I think it should wait till we get to the hotel because its kind of personal" I said to him. When I said that the taxi pulled up in front of us and we got in. We sat the whole taxi ride in silence. When the taxi pulled up to the hotel I got out and went inside while Louis paied the man. When he came in he ran to catch up to me.

"Sage, are you sure your ok. Your acting really strange right now" he said as we got into the elevator.

" I want to have a baby, not for us" I said.

" What are you talking about" he said looking at me.

" I wanna have a baby and let Kayden and Niall adopt it." I said to him.

" I thought you wanted us to have a baby" he said.

" I do but I just don't think I'm ready to handle it. Also Kayden told me she isn't able to have a baby. I know they really want one and I think it's the right thing to do" I said.

"We can talk to them and see if its ok. Is this the choice you want to make." He asked me. "Yes, I'm sure" I said stepping out of the elevator.

"Are you hungry" Louis asked me as we walked into the hotel.

"No, I think I'm going to take a nap. I'm just upset because of what happened to Kayden." I said to him.

" ok ill be over in a little bit, I'm going to get something to eat" he said. I walked into the room and I layed down and covered myself with the blanket. I couldn't fall asleep because I kept thinking about Kayden and talking about having a baby for her. I just layed there. And kept thinking when I felt Louis next to me. I turned around and just stared at him. He put his arm around me and I started to fall asleep. It seems when he is here I forget about everything, I just hope Kayden and Niall are ok.

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