Truly Madly Deeply Crazy in love with Lou.

This is a story about a girl named Sage and her best friend Kayden. The decieded to move to England. When they get there their neighbor comes over to greet them. Sage and Kayden never herd of One Direction, so when their neighbor Louis comes over to greet them, they don't know it is Louis Tomlinson. Sage ends up likeing Louis and Louis likes her to. But do they know the feeling is mutuil?


29. home

*2 weeks later*

We just got off of the plane and we were heading back to our houses. Louis called the taxi's and we went home. When we got to our houses I went to mine and Louis went to his. I unpacked all of my stuff and I layed down on my bed. My phone vibrated, it was Louis.

"Can I come over" it said.

"Of course you can" I replied. I heard a knock at the door and I answered it. It was Louis standing there with a big smile.

"I have to ask you something" he said coming in and sitting on the couch.

"Yeah, whats up" I said.

"Come sit next to me" he said patting the seat next to him on the couch. I was starting to get worried, I didnt know if it was good or bad. I walked over to the couch and sat down. Louis grabbed my hand and looked into my eyes. It gives me the chills when he looks at me like that.

"Were getting married and having a baby" he said.

"Yeah" I said confused.

"Well I wanted to know if you would like to do something that would be better for both of us" he said. I was really worried now.

"What" I said started to cry.

"It's not bad I promise you" he said kissing me. 

"Then what is it" I said still crying.

"I want you to move in with me" he said. I looked at him startled.

"So is that a yes or no" he asked.

"Yes of course" I said hugging him. 

"Great" he said.

"When should I move in" I asked.

"Well you could start packing now if you would like." He said.

"Ok, would you like to help. There is still some boxes I didnt get to unpack from when I first moved here" I said. 

"Ok, and we could put all of the stuff we dont need at my hose or now our house in the basement." he said.

"Ok" I said, we got up and we started packing all of my stuff. I had to call the owner and tell her im moving out.We had all of my stuff in his house and in the basement by the end of the day. 

"Would you like to see the room that is going to b for the baby" he said. 

"Yeah" I said. We walked up the stairs and into a bedroom. It was all painted and had everything for a baby.

"I had some of my friends come and get this ready while we were gone" He said. 

"Wow, it looks amazing." I said looking around. 

"Also I have a surprise in our room" he said. We walked over to our room and he covered my eyes. He opened the door and led me in. 

"Oh my goodness" I said. There was a cute little puppy sitting on the bed sleeping. 

"I got it for you as a congradulations present" he said.

"Congradulations for what" I asked.

"For being my fiance and for being pregnant" he said. We walked over to the bed and picked up the puppy. We layed down and we fell asleep. We were exhausted from the plane ride here and from moving all of my stuff into this house. It was a long day of excitements. Im so happy. The puppy slept by my side the whole night. He is a german shephard and I named him Simon because Simon signed one directions contract. Now because of Simon Louis and the boys can do what they were born to do and thats sing.

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