Truly Madly Deeply Crazy in love with Lou.

This is a story about a girl named Sage and her best friend Kayden. The decieded to move to England. When they get there their neighbor comes over to greet them. Sage and Kayden never herd of One Direction, so when their neighbor Louis comes over to greet them, they don't know it is Louis Tomlinson. Sage ends up likeing Louis and Louis likes her to. But do they know the feeling is mutuil?


14. Engaged

The next morning I woke up with my head on Louis's bare chest. I looked up at him and he was still sleeping. I moved around making my self comfortable moving my head up and putting my hand on his stomach.

"Morning beautiful" he said to me.

"Sorry did I wake you up" I said.

"No I was slowly waking up. So how did you sleep last night" he said.

"Pretty good , how about you" I said.

 "I always sleep good knowing your right next to me" he said smiling. Louis started to stretch so I moved off of his stomach  and then I stretched. I got up and put pants and a shirt on, then I went into the bathroom. When I walked out of the bathroom I saw Louis putting on his pants in the room. When he saw me in the living room he walked out of the room and over to me. He gave me a hug and a kiss.

"So how does it feel to be an engaged woman" he said smiling.

"It feels amazing, knowing I have the person i'm in love with right here for the rest of my life" I said smiling.

"Well it's nice to know you want to spend the rest of your life with me" he said looking into my eyes.

"Well why else would I say yes when you proposed to me" I said laughing.

"So are you ready for your first One Direction concert tonight" he asked me.

"Of course I am. I get to see my fiance on stage singing his little butt off." I said laughing. We were both laughing when we herd a knock at the door. I ran over to the door and I saw marley standing there.

"Sage I need to talk to you in private" she said. I took her outside onto the balcony and she began to cry. "

Whats wrong Marley" I said hugging her.

"I'm pregnant " she said begining to cry.

"Oh my god Marley, congradulations. Did you tell Harry yet" I asked.

"No, i'm scared he will leave me because of it" She said crying.

"Why would he leave you, he is a good guy. He is going to be thrilled that you are pregnant"  I said.

"Do you really think so" She said looking up ate me.

"Yes" I said whiping the tears from her eyes.

"Should I tell him now" she asked me.

"Telling him now would be the right thing to do. Just don't make it seem like one of the talks you have when you want to break up with someone" I said.

"Thanks, your a good friend Sage" she said.

"Your a really good friend to Marley. Anytime you need to talk you can always come to me. "  I said. I walked her out the door and to her hotel room, I hope she is going to tell Harry now.  I walked back into our hotel room and I saw Louis in the bedroom making the bed.


 "So what was wrong with Marley" He asked. "I don't think she wants me to tell anyone about what just happened" I said.

 "Oh, girl problems" He said laughing.


 "Something like that" I said walking over to my bag. I got out my clothes and I went into the bathroom. I left the door open as I took a shower, I heard Louis walk into the bathroom.


 "So what are you wearing tonight" he asked me.


 "You'll have to wait and see" I said laughing.

 "Is it these clothes here on the sink" he asked.


 "Nope" I said laughing. After that Louis walked out of the bathroom and didn't come back in. When I walked out of the shower my clothes were gone.


 "Louis, what did you do with my clothes" I said laughing. He didn't answer me so I walked out of the bathroom. He wasn't in the kitchen, living room, or on the balcony so he had to be in the room. I walked into the room and he picked me up. He took me over to the bed and he set me down.


"What are you doing" I said smiling.


 "I'm bringing my beautiful fiance to her bed, your legs must be tired" he said smiling. He went over to the other side and layed down and we layed down for a couple of minuets.


 "So, are you going to tell me where you put my clothes" I said looking at him.


"Well, i'm not sure. You might just have to look for them." he said laughing.


"Fine i'll just get another pair of clothes from my bag" I said smiling. I walked over to were my bag was and it was gone.


 "Now whats your plan" He said laughing.

"Well I guess i'll just have to walk around in my towel till tonight" I said laughing.


 "I have no problem with that" he said laughing. He stood up and he took my clothes out from under his pillow while he was still laughing.


 "Thank you. Now get out so I can get dressed" I said smiling. He got his clothes, walked out of the room and went into the bathroom to take a shower. I sat on the couch and watched some TV. When he was done getting dressed he sat down next to me. We sat there and watched TV until it was lunch time.

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