My hero

liam payne fan fiction


2. the girl behind the clothes rack


Part 2:                                    

Lilys pov:

You was crying behind some clothes.

[door opens]

Liam: cya in a sec harry.

He came over by the clothes and saw you sat there crying,  

Liam: hey sweety, wheres your mummy?

Lilly: i don’t know.

Liam: well why you crying?

Lilly: my sissy isn’t here

Liam: are you here with your sister?

Lilly: yes, she likes you.

Liam: does she now, well what about you?

Lilly: i like niall, hes a lepracorn.

Liam: haha yeh sweety he is. Well why don’t we go to find your sister, whats her name?

Lilly: (YN)

Liam picks you up and takes you to a big guy in a neon jacket..

Liam: hello, this little girl has lost her sister.

Security: okay ill  call it.

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