My hero

liam payne fan fiction


4. Im here to help


Part 4

He took your down a long hall way, you saw doors saying, harry styles, nail horan. And then they took you to a door that said liam Payne.

You knocked on the door and there he was liam with Lilly asleep in his arms. 

(YN): omg im so sorry.

Liam: its okay, shes a sweety

(YN): well im sorry we have wasted your time. Guess we will be going then.

Liam: she said she doesn't know where he mum is.

(YN): yeah she left us a year ago, so im looking after her.

Liam: oh well im sorry to hear that. Well here is my number if there is anything you need call me.

(YN): thank you, well ill make sure i do that.

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