Never return for me

When Renesmes Ex-boyfriend returns from austraillia,From being on tour with his band one direction, most people call him harry but his real names harold? Have you ever wondered why? After alyssa is changed to a supernatrual creature because of harry,What happens? Why did he leave her after he changed her? What about her and Niall caught holding hands at the library? Who,What,and why caused/did this happen?


4. The morning

I'd woke up to the sound of harry and zayne whispering, Ilistened ad they were going to prank louis and liam. This should be fun i thought as i watchedthem go get a cup filled with warm water, they came back and picked up liam and layed him on my top bunk next to me and louis. WHERE THEY GOING TO DO IT TO ME TOO? I watched as they dipped there hands in there and they turned red, vampires turn ret when they're hands are too warm. They did cold water to me and i started turning blue, I smiled and took the big bucket from their hands and dumped it all over their heads. I laughed and said " you thought you would get away with that?"


                                                                   HARRYS P.O.V

 I was like ice and cold, and shirtless! Renesme just laughed and got down from the bunk and went to get something i guess, she had always been a joker herself. I went back to sleep along with zanye and woke up to a enormous POP POP POP!


                                                                     renesme's p.o.v

                               i had made a line across the floor with ballons andused my science skills and lined them up in circles around louis,zayne,harry, and liam on the floor and with 100 of them they all went pop one after another.I laughed as they freaked out and started doing potty dances and running like little kids. Once we all went to sleep i heard a loud knock at the door, I went to see who it was and it was Niall!

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