Never return for me

When Renesmes Ex-boyfriend returns from austraillia,From being on tour with his band one direction, most people call him harry but his real names harold? Have you ever wondered why? After alyssa is changed to a supernatrual creature because of harry,What happens? Why did he leave her after he changed her? What about her and Niall caught holding hands at the library? Who,What,and why caused/did this happen?


1. Renesme Quinten Penalensa familys info


                                                       hey my names Renesme Quinten Penalensa 

I have a sister named Anna Beth Penalensa, a brother named Stefan Tanner Penalensa. Stefan or as we call him tanner has curly brown-goldish hair thats about like harry styles. Tanner is muculare but not to much, has dark brown eyes, and is 5.9, He is also 19. My sister Anna or as she likes to be called Annalisabeth, has light blonde thick curly hair but no too curly more like a straight at the top and at the end a little curly her hair is down to her mid-back, she is 18 and is 5.7.Me renesme or esme my nickname, has hair like my sisters but its a dark brown and ihave brown eyes like the color of chocolate, i am 17 and i am 5.8.

we just moved to london,england. from austrailia.



                        SEE everyone in the next chapter this just gave SOME infromation bye

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