Never return for me

When Renesmes Ex-boyfriend returns from austraillia,From being on tour with his band one direction, most people call him harry but his real names harold? Have you ever wondered why? After alyssa is changed to a supernatrual creature because of harry,What happens? Why did he leave her after he changed her? What about her and Niall caught holding hands at the library? Who,What,and why caused/did this happen?


5. niall is back!

I hugged Niall and asked him where he had been he told me about the witches and vampire pack chasing after him. He was sad looking and i thought he was gonna cry so i kissed his cheek to make him happier. He smiled and asked to come in, of course i told him he could and he said "i've missed you so much" i said " i missed you too" Then we made hot chocolate and watched a movie called paranormal activity 3. Scary movie but it was good. I get scared easily so i fell asleep scared on the couch with Niall.


                                                In the morning i was awoken by hary and niall arguing and louis pulling harry off of niall and zayne pulling niall of of harry they were both shouting " you know i still have feelings for her!" harry said "TO BAD NIALL I WANT HER BACK" niall then said " you've had your chance!" i groaned and ran into my room and pulled them off of eachother and yelled "whoever this girl is just see who she likes more andharry if you've had a chance with her it's nialls turn!" I saw niall crying and harry crying silently into zaynes shoulder. Did i hurt them? Are they gonna be okay? I felt bad so i went into my room again and cuddled up to niall and put my feet on harry and shhing them. Who was the girl? What happend? Where is liam? find out next time

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