Never return for me

When Renesmes Ex-boyfriend returns from austraillia,From being on tour with his band one direction, most people call him harry but his real names harold? Have you ever wondered why? After alyssa is changed to a supernatrual creature because of harry,What happens? Why did he leave her after he changed her? What about her and Niall caught holding hands at the library? Who,What,and why caused/did this happen?


2. I told you not to visit me!

I just got back to my house from a party as i walked through the door i saw my ipad on the ground, I picked it up and saw it was opened to notes. I looked at the note it said



                                                  MEET ME AFTER SCHOOL TOMORROW AT CAFE PERKS

                                              WE HAVE UNFINISHED BUSINESS TO TALK ABOUT RENESME

                                                                                                                             FROM:HARRY,LOUIS,ZAYNE AND LIAM


i sighed and thought: why me? Me and harry broke up last year before the tour since him,zayne, and liam changed me intoa vampire. The next morning my brother dropped me off at the cafe, i know i know pathetic you have your brother drop you off but my friend and me crashed my car so we are stuck with my brother driving me around.


When i got therewe were a little early so i orederd a latte. As i waited i became inpatient it had been 30 minutes and finally they are here, yanno for a urgent message why am i early and they are late? Harry sat infront of me while louis sat next to me and zayne sat next to harry while liam grabbed a chair from another table. Harry started telling me about my sister and then about vampires he talked about the subject for a hour, FINALLY i asked him why he was talking about my sister becoming a vampire? He answered that zayne saw in the near future she would become one. I was shocked let me explain this power stuff


Zayn: can see ghost and souls, read minds, and become invisable.

louis: can read minds, notice true love at first sight, and like niall can hypmotize people with his eyes

Niall: hypmotize people with his eyes, can open portals, and can move thingsat his command.

Harry: walk through walls,hypmotize GIRLS with his voice, and can strangley enough has a strong scent of smell thats so strong he can tell who,what,where, and why its there, who it is, and where he is.

Liam: can see spirits,can talk to them,and can walk through doors.

Mine (renesme): i can read minds, have a scent of smell like harrys, and can spot love at first sight.

and my sister soon to be vampires powers will be electrisity, love at first sight, and read minds

all vampires can: run fast,jump high,learn things fast, have a soul mate,can talk through there minds, and are very very very flexible.


                                      I was freaking out, then i asked: Where is niall??? i was shocked he wasn't here


harry said that he disappered after the tour when we came back but he isn't in austrailia,scotland, or america or south america.


Igot tears in my eyes, Wait do i have feelings for niall? all of a sudden it goes from me  and him being friends to me liking him as a boyfriend way... Zayne and Louis hugged me, This entire time Harry hadn'tmade eye contact with me he just explained it to me but he wouldn't look at me... I hugged zayne and Louis back then I hugged Harry.. even if her didn't want a hug and was mad at me, but i dont know hwy he would be mad at me considering he broke up with me.


     That night Zayne,Louis,Liam and Harry stayed the night I slept on the top bunk with louis, while  zayne and liam had bottom bunk and harry insisted on sleeping on the floor, Either he was a gentleman or he just didn't wanna sleep on my bed we'll see wont we?





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