Never return for me

When Renesmes Ex-boyfriend returns from austraillia,From being on tour with his band one direction, most people call him harry but his real names harold? Have you ever wondered why? After alyssa is changed to a supernatrual creature because of harry,What happens? Why did he leave her after he changed her? What about her and Niall caught holding hands at the library? Who,What,and why caused/did this happen?


6. Dont Love Me Like i Love You

I woke up in Niall's arms, I kissed his cheek and got up and got dressed in A blue aeropostale t-shirt with white skinny jeans and a white headband and straightened my hair. Wehn i went out of the bathroom i saw a sleeping harry in front of the door.I giggled as i humped over him.Since the boys where asleep i decided i'd practice my flexibility.I went into my hugeliving room and did a front flip and a front and back handspring while also doing a ballerina dance.I was startled by the boys.


                                                            Harry's P.O.V

She was so gorgeous as she did her moves i could tell the boys thought the same maybe a little bit more.By the drool on their chins.

                                                  All the boys P.O.V


                                           liam,lous's and zaynes P.O.V

we have girlfriends harry and niall can battle this out.



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