Celeb crush

this is about matt lanter, he is liam out of 90210


10. undo my bra


Part 10:

Matt: okay then lets have a bet.

(YN): what does this bet have in mind?

Matt: well if i can undo your bra with one hand, you have to come on holiday.

(YN): what if you lose?

Matt: if i lose i will undo my belt for you.

(YN): deal.

As he gently put his  hands on your back, they was cold to the touch but it felt nice. He started to kiss your neck then before you realised he undid your bra.

(YN): guess im going on holiday with you then! Where we going?

Matt: well some of my friends from 90210 are in Disney land for Halloween so i was wondering if you would come with me?

(YN): omg yes!!

Matt: so seen as i didn’t lose i will still undo my belt for you.

He tryed to do his belt but he couldn’t as well. You laughed for ages.

(YN): guess where not ready yet.

Matt: maybe at Disney land ehh?

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