Celeb crush

this is about matt lanter, he is liam out of 90210


2. The end of violets relationship


Part 2:

After a really shocking day at school it got me thinking that maybe matt wasn’t being a twat on purpose, they say if you like someone you hurt them! * have I Hurd myself, I’m a joke at that school, I was lucky I didn’t get pushed into a locker or something! Why would a guy like him like a girl like me! I’m not skinny I’m no fat either I’m just average, I’m not pretty I’m nothing great I’m just me!*

# Phone rings #

(YN): hello??

Beth: (YN) its Beth, look on face book on matt’s wall! Hurry!

(YN): OMG! Matt has broken up with violet, why?

Beth: he put a status earlier saying he walked into a girl today, and that it made him feel different! (YN) he likes you, I knew it!

Beth: fine then, just wait till school!






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