Celeb crush

this is about matt lanter, he is liam out of 90210


5. she threatened me


Part 5:

You was in and out of blackouts, the square tiles repeated there self’s over and over again.  You could hear people talking but you didn’t know what they was saying,  tubes being put into your body you was in that much pain you didn’t feel anything, all you wanted to know was that is matt okay.

(YN): Mat, Matt, Matt.

The only three words you could get out before you mind were gone again.

You started to come back, you could hear people crying but you didn’t care who you just wanted matt there.

(YN): mat?

Matt: yes (YN) I’m here, Omg I’m so happy your okay.

(YN): what happened? Where am I? Why can’t I move?

Matt: you got run over by a car, but they drove away. You are in hospital; you have just come out of an operation. You can’t move because they don’t want you to move.

(YN): why?

Matt: because you have broken your leg, arm and dislocated your soldier. They had to operate on your spine, don’t worry you will be able to walk they made sure of that.

Police: hello can we speak to (YN) alone please.

Matt: yeah sure, I’ll be right outside that door (YN).

(YN): okay.

He gave you a hug, even though the pain was bad you didn’t care all you wanted was to be close to him.

Police: hello I’m glad your okay, we just wanted to ask you a few questions. Are you up for that?

(YN): yes, I’m okay.

Police 1: we wanted to know if you saw the driver.

(YN): I only remember a little bit, like that they have blue eyes with blond hair. I think it was a girl.

Police 2: ok, do you remember a number plate or something.

(YN): ermm I think it was 9HL4Q.

Police 1: thank you. We will put it in our system and then we will get back to you if we find anything.

(YN): if I remember anything else I will ring you.

Police: hope you have a full recovery, good job your boyfriend matt was there.

(YN): he’s not my boy friend.

But before they heard her they walked out.


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