Celeb crush

this is about matt lanter, he is liam out of 90210


6. she threatened me part 2


Part 6:

(YN): violet err what are you doing here?

Violet: just wanted to speak to you.

(YN): why you hate me.

Violet: yeh but I wanted to ask you something.

(YN): go on then.

Violet: well I was wondering if you know who the driver was.

(YN): I only saw part of the driver why?

Violet: just wondering, what did they look like?

(YN): blonde hair and blue eyes, they was a girl. Wait a second.... it’s you!

You tried to reach for the red button, but you couldn’t move. Violet had hold of you, she was pushing on your ribs you couldn’t breathe talk or scream...

Violet: listen hear you, when the police come back I want you to tell them you don’t remember that you blacked out before you saw anything. Okay?


Violet: no I wouldn’t do that if I was you, do you want to lose matt forever?

You shook your head, hoping she would go. You started to panic your mersheen started to beep really fast you hear someone knocking on the door trying to get in. Then when the door opened violet had gone.

Matt: (YN) its okay I’m here.

(YN): she was here, it was her...

Matt: what was here?

(YN): the person who ran me over... it was violet.

Matt: (YN) why would violet run you over, I think you need to sleep.

There was a knock at the door, it was her.

Violet: hey is everything okay, my mum rang me telling me matt that you were in an accident.

Matt: no it was violet.


Matt: wow (YN) calm down your going to break your stitches.

Violet: (YN) calm down, every things going to be okay * whisper* if I was you I would be quiet *stop whispering* (YN) your okay now the doctors are here.

You started blacking out, what did the doctors put in you...

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