Celeb crush

this is about matt lanter, he is liam out of 90210


9. I need him

part 9

you and Matt spent the whole day together! then you decided to go back to him place, there wasn't any one in. 

he kisses you again, you felt so much passion, you wanted him so bad. your could feel his hands all over your body, i felt like magic. he grabbed your leg pulling you around him, he carried you up the stares  to his bed room. he laid you down on his bed very gently.

Matt: you sure?

(YN): i would of told you to of stopped, if i didn't want this. 

he pulled your shirt off revealing your scars he started to kiss every  scar from the crash! you needed him right there and then.

you tryed to take his pants of but you couldn't do his belt which made both of you laugh and then it ended you was just laying there laughing and cuddling! you didn't care that you stopped it felt good just laying next to him!

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