Celeb crush

this is about matt lanter, he is liam out of 90210


4. Hit and run


Part 4:

*inside head* what was he going to say that I make him feel ill, or that he may like me. Stupid teacher why did he have to make him stop talking, Omg I’m loosing my mind *end of thought*

#phone rings#

(YH): Beth what’s up?

Beth: what happened with matt?

(YN): what do you mean what happened nothing happened?

Beth:  you know I’m maths?

(YN): I don’t know what was going to happen; he got cut off before I knew what he was going to say to me. Why?

Beth: because he’s leaving town tonight.

(YN) WHAT????

Beth: yeah, he told me to tell you that the feelings he has for you are driving him crazy and that he can’t concentrate. So he’s leaving town. (YN) you need to go after him or you will lose him forever.

(YN): how am I going to find him?

Beth: try his house deer.

(YN): ohm yeah bye.

#end of phone call#

You ran all the way to mats house, you didn’t know why but you felt like you needed too. You felt like if he wasn’t around you would die. * I don’t even know him, why am I in love with him? I need to know why I’m drawn to him...*


Before you could stop you got hit by a car!

Matt came walking round the corner he heard a scream, then saw you laid there covered in blood.

Matt: (YN) please wake up please, don’t leave me. SOMEONE CALL 911 NOW!! You in the car, get out now!!

He couldn’t see the drivers face, and then they drove off.

Matt: don’t drive away, you just hit the girl I love, and I didn’t get the chance to tell her.

 (YN): matt, you love me.

Matt: (YN) yeh I do, so much which is why you can’t leave me. Please.

(YN) I won’t, just get me to the hospital, I can’t feel my legs.


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