Celeb crush

this is about matt lanter, he is liam out of 90210


7. His arms


Part 7:

Week later:

You woke up in another bed, your eyes started to agues to the lighting. Then your realised the bed you was in your bed your room looked so good. Well from being in hospital I think your brother’s room would be nice.

First day back at school and you couldn’t wait to get out and walk about, to feel the wind in your hair. Nahh I’m only joking you hate your hair getting messy.

You walked into them school hall ways, and then you remembered you have lost everything; your boy friend, your friends. Why couldn’t people believe you that it was violets that run you over?

You looked Matt thinking how he was your everything, his eyes make you melt. His lips make you want to grab him and kiss him and never stop. His body is perfectly shaped; you start to get tiny lumps all over your arms.

Violet: hey matt, what is she looking at?

Matt: I don’t know.


(YH) wow she looks allot better, why am I still having feelings for her. She tried to get violet arrested, but when she looks a violet all I can see is the fear in her eyes. To be honest she looks terrified of her. But her eyes are beautiful her smile still makes me go weak at the knees.

Violet: I’m going to say something to her.

As soon as you saw violet coming over your heart started to beat really fast, you couldn’t breathe. Everyone was looking at you really weird.

Violet: (YN)

You jumped out of your skin, you was petrified of her.

Violet:  hi I wanted to see if you’re okay.  *whispering* I hope you haven’t open your mouth to any one; I want you to follow me. Now! *stop whispering*

You followed violet in to a class room, which was a bad idea. She pushed me into a wall.

Violet: look here (YN), mat is mine. And I wish that when I ran you over that you died, because it would do made my life so much easier.

Matt: no I am not yours, I’m hers.

Violet: matt I can explain.

Matt: yeah explain it to the police, you bitch.

You started you break down into tears; you knew that your life would be better now. You just fell into matt’s arms and cried.

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