Celeb crush

this is about matt lanter, he is liam out of 90210


1. First day back at school


Part 1:

First day back at school:

(Your name): Hey Beth!

Beth: (your name)!!! You will never guess whose here!!

(YN): Omg what?

Beth: you know that guy your obsess with?

(YN): matt??

Beth: yeh, well he has just moved to our school.

(YN): yeh right he is famous, and he’s home schooled.

Beth: fine, don’t believe me then!

When you turned around, BANG!! You walked straight into someone.

Matt: Hey watch it!!

When you looked up, you knew that what Beth was saying was true. Matt does go here now. I wonder why??

*inside my head* wow matt Lanter in our school, I have been crushing on him since I saw him in 90210. Man he is so fit in person. Okay I bet I look a twat just stood here staring at him *end of thought*

Matt: hellooo!!

(YN): ermm I’m sorry I wasn’t paying attention. It was my fault!

* Inside matt’s head* wow her eyes there like two diamonds just there looking straight at me! I just had to check her out, man her body is perfect. Okay snap out of it, she just walked straight into you *end of thought*

Matt: yeh you should be sorry! *why am I being a arse*

(YN): *wow what a jerk* I’m sorry I didn’t mean to.

Beth: hey leave her alone she said sorry okay. Come on (YN) he’s a jerk.

As you walk away you couldn’t help but look back to see if he was looking, and he was *he looks so sad* but then I saw it he was making out with violet the most popular girl ever. I had no chance.

Matt: * how can I be making out with the most popular girl in the world and be thinking about her a nobody, I think I have feelings for (YN) and I was just a major arse to her.

Violet: matt baby what’s wrong? * like I even care, I’m just with him to be more popular does that make me a bitch, nah I don’t think so!*

Matt: nothing *I’m just having feelings for another girl that’s all*

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