Secrets [Harry Styles]

To Harry Styles, Madison Tomlinson is a shy girl and easy to take advantage of. That's what everyone thinks, but behind closed doors Madison has secrets, that not even her family or abusive boyfriend know.


1. Madison Tomlinson



Hi! I'm Madison Lee Tomlinson. Yes, Louis Tomlinson from One Direction younger sister. I have bright green eyes, but they sometimes turn blue, but that depends on the weather. I'm also a natural brunette with a bright smile. My mum always says that my smile is the light of the day. My favorite color is blue, because, I don't know it's just a pretty color. When I'm around people, I'm very shy, but behind closed doors, I have many secrets, and a dark side. No one not even my family knows this, but I cut, it just takes all the pain away. Suicide comes to my mind sometimes, but I don't know if I want to make that official choice yet. I only had one best friend, Emily, but she moved away, so that leaves nobody. I use to have a lot of friends, but that was when I was a party girl. My mum found out I was sleeping with boys, and started homeschooling me. Emily often visited though, but then she had to move to America, and my mum decided to find me a friend. She found me a boy named Jackson, because he was very "well educated", but what mum doesn't know is that he's abusive. I'm mute, and he tries to get me to talk. I won't eat and I won't talk. I'm only happy in my dreams. I never want to wake up. But I have to, and that's to go to work. I'm a model, but I only model, I don't talk to the other girls. Well, I think that's all you need to know about me. -Madison xx


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