I'll Never Be Happy!

A Liam Payne fanfic. Lexi claims that she will never be happy after her boyfriend of two years broke up with her. Her friends want to help her but she pushes them away. Will Liam help her? or will he makes things worse? Read to find out!


2. the fair!

May's P.O.V. God she is over reacting all I did was just make out with her boyfriend well that is all she knows we gave actually been seeing each other for about a month but come on he is hot and should be with me not her. But she ruined things for the both of us now neither of us are with him geez thanks Lexi.   "what was that all about?" Our mom asked while walking into the kitchen. She still doesn't know about Conor cheating on Lexi with me all she knows is that they broke up.   "umm just a sisterly argument." I lied   "oh ok then honey. Do you have any plans today?" She asked smiling "Ah no I don't, why are you asking?" " just wondering maybe we can spend some mother daughter time together you know only if you want to." She asked/stated she was really nice when she wanted to spend time with us And never wanting to pressure us into it. I love her for that ever since of dad left she wants to spend time with us. "um sure mom do you want to see a movie maybe?" "sounds lovely sweetie get ready and we will go."       Lexi's P.O.V. Allie finally pulled up I ran outside as fast as I could and got into her car I just wanted to be away from my sister.   "Hey everybody!" I said trying to sound as happy as possible but I don't really think it worked, sense 'I will never be happy'. Allie, Emily, and Jade are here they are my best friends in the whole world.   "Hey!" They all said. "So, how have you been?" Asked Jade "don't even start me on this I will end up screaming and in tears." I said not wanting to speak about it. "You know that your sister is sorry and just try to forget about him." Emily said "I am trying to forget about him but it is really hard I loved him and was with him for two whole years! And my sister is not sorry this morning she even said she wasn't then said it wasn't a big deal!" I yelled at them "your sister is really a bitch! Of course it is a big deal!" Allie yelled and she was right my sister is really bitch and Allie sure knows that I have been friends with my whole life.   "I know she is! I just don't understand why she has to be like that and can we just drop this topic and try to enjoy the day?" I asked because I really don't want to start crying over this again. "Oh course, we should try to find some guys today to hang out with" said emily everybody said 'yea' but I really didn't want to. "Lexi what do you think?" Jade asked "I don't really want to find a new guy yet I don't think I am ready, but I will help you guys look for a guy." I said wanting my friends to be happy even thou I'm not.   ** at the fair**   "Guys we should go on the haunted house roller coaster." I said really wanting to go on knowing they would hate it and it would be funny to see them scared. "I don't know it seams kinda scary!" They all said at the same time. "Oh come on you guys don't want to look like chickens in front of your new men do you? And I bet they want to go on." I said nodding towards the guys the girls found and have been hanging out with all day while I was alone. "Fine lets go" they said not sounding happy about going on it. We were standing in line for about five minutes now and I have to say there is this really attractive guy behind me inline   "there is a really good looking guy behind you!" Emily said I swear she was reading my mind when she said that "yeah I guess there is." I said not wanting to think about another guy. "You should talk to him." Emily nudged me to do "no I don't want to." I said trying to defend myself "ok your loss then." She said trying to get me to do it.   "Um hello" the guy behind me said "ah hi." I say nervously wondering if he had heard Emily and my conversation. "um I was like just wondering if you needed someone to sit with on the ride? If you want to sit with me, you don't have to if you don't want to" he said ad he sounded really sweet not wanting to make me do it. " um yeah I do need someone to sit with, that would be lovely to sit with you." I say looking deep into his gorgeous brown eyes   "my name is Liam by the way." Liam said and putting out his hand to shake it and I did shake his hand and said "my name is Lexi." "That is a very pretty name,Lexi" Liam says I could feel the heat in my cheeks and I felt so embarrassed for blushing.   The line moved forward and we finally got in our seats and were waiting for the ride to start. "I-if you get scared you can sit a little closer to me." Liam stuttered he seamed embarrassed by saying that but it was so cute. "Oh you don't have to worry about me being scared." I said jokingly. He laughed and I scooted closer to him and he put his arm around me.    I actually felt a little happy for the first time in a long time.   The ride began and Liam and I were both screaming at everything but when a clown popped out right in my face I screamed really loud and put my head in Liam's chest. The ride was finally over and we we're getting off. "you were really scared the one who said they weren't going to be scared." Liam laughed at me "you were scared too! And I'm a girl I am allowed to be scared but you are a guy you and meant to be tuff and stuff." I said also making fun of him. "Well at least I'm not the one afraid of clowns." Liam mocks me. "Clowns are scary,okay?" I say "yeah yeah okay whatever you say they are scary." Liam says sarcastically "they really are!" I said like a little girl and stomping my foot. "Haha ok so you want to go on another ride?" Liam asked me wanting to spend more time with me. Did he really want to spend more time with me? Why? "Um yeah that would be great!" I said wanting to go on a ride with him he seams really fun to hang out with.   A.N.   sorry it is a late update im not really sure if anyone is reading this so.... but it really isnt that good but ehh the story will get better i promise!!! please like, favorite, and comment it really means a lot thanks?? :D :*
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