my brothers best friend

robert pattinsons sister falls inlove with his best friend


7. the kiss


Part 7:

(YN) pov:

Wonder what’s taking them so long there missing the film.

They came back and Taylor grabbed your hand and took you to a different room.

Taylor’s pov:

Taylor: sorry I had to take you away from the movie, but me and Robert where talking and I really need to tell you something.

(YN): okay then.

Taylor: (YN) I like you, allot. And I know you don’t like the attention from the pap’s which is why I won’t tell the pap’s any thing till your ready. You treat me like a normal guy so I should at least let you have some normal stuff in your life. Don’t worried Roberts fine with it, he just doesn’t want me to rub it in his face if we go out.

(YN): shut up and kiss me.

She got up and kissed you, your heart beated thousand times a minute. She moved away for some reason.

(YH): ermm Taylor.

She points down towards your penis, you realised that you had a boner.

Taylor: shit!! Sorry...

(YN): I don’t care just kiss me again.

I kissed her so passionately, I wanted her so bad. But I promised Robert I wouldn’t do ought to like this near him so I had to end it.

Taylor: sorry (YN) I promised rob I wouldn’t do this near him. We better get back to him.

(YN): don’t worried I understand.

(YN) pov:

You went back to watching the film and you looked at your phone you had a text from rob.


Hey (YN), don’t worry I know you and Taylor are together. I’m glad for you. Love you sissy xxx

You texted back:

Thank you rob. Love you too brother xxxxxx <3

The rest of the night you sat and watched the film.

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