my brothers best friend

robert pattinsons sister falls inlove with his best friend


1. my brother robert.


Part 1:

You were sat on your bed on twitter, seeing your follower go up by the second. Even since you were announced as Robert pattinson’s sister, everything changed. You had people massage you on face book, asking to be your friend.

(YN): man wont girls just leave me alone, just because I’m his sister doesn’t mean they can use me. Man I hate that my brothers famous.

Robert: (YN) don’t worry; you will have tonight with the family.

(YN):  really we will just get bombarded by paps again,

Robert: no we won’t I promise.

(YN): fine. I’m of to get ready, now please get out of my room I’m going to get changed.

Robert: don’t belong.

You got dressed into a purple dress, which was a boob tube. With black heals. And you had your hair down with curls at the bottom.

Robert: (YN) come on hurry up smelly.

(YN): Coming and I’m not smelly.

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