my brothers best friend

robert pattinsons sister falls inlove with his best friend


6. Its okay


Part 6

(YN) pov:

Robert walked in a Taylor stopped tickling you, wish he didn’t though. Robert sat in-between both of you just had to make it awkward didn’t he.

(YN): ermm Robert don’t think there enough room on here for all three of us, maybe you should sit over there.

Robert: okay but I will only be over there I can see everything.

Roberts’s pov:

I think Taylor and (YN) like each other; I’m glad that its someone who I know will look after her. But it’s just weird, your best friend going out with your little sister. Just think they will be kissing and hugging soon, eww bad thought bad thought.

Robert: so Taylor got a girl friend yet?

Taylor: Nahh mate, but there is some one I like.

Robert: okay, Taylor can I have a word with you please.

Taylor: sure mate. Be right back (YN).

You took him to the kitchen.

Robert: Taylor I was wondering if you fancied my sister, I’m not bothered if you do I just want to know.

Taylor: well...

Robert: well yeah I will be bothered because it weird my sister dating my best friend. And then I would have to see both of you kissing and hugging and then my mind will wonder to when you two are alone and all hormonal....

Taylor: wait a second Robert, yes I like your sister but it wouldn’t be like that. I would be there for her, yes I would kiss her sometimes but not in front of her and any way how do you know she like me back.

Robert: because she has worn her good pjs, normally she would be wearing a massive jumper with makeup down her face. Trust me she likes you, and I’m glad because she deserves to be happy and I can see that you make her happy.

Taylor: so...

Robert: so I guess that I wouldn’t mind if you two went out, but don’t rub it in my face. And be careful, she hates the spot light from the paps, so don’t let them know straight away okay.

Taylor: thank you Robert, love ya bro.

Robert: yeah you better not say I’m your bro because if so she would be your sister, so that would be weird. 

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