my brothers best friend

robert pattinsons sister falls inlove with his best friend


3. front door


Part 3;

You were sat in the car with Taylor, man he smelt good. From behind the car you saw about ten flashing lights, dam the photographers found you. Well you were Taylor Lautner’s car.

(YN): great thanks allot.

Taylor: sorry I know how much you hate attention.

(YN): sorry it’s not your fault, it’s just ever since Robert became famous. People use me to get near him so I never know who likes me.

Taylor: yeah I know, which is why I like being around you. Because you act like you hate me so it’s nice being around someone who doesn’t actually like you.

(YN): it’s not that I don’t like you as a person, it’s just I don’t like what comes with you. Like the crazy fans who send you death threats. I even get them for being robs sister.

Taylor: man that’s harsh. Want to listen to some music?

(YN): sure

He put the radio and then you realised he’s just a teenage boy like you. You both started singing but you both didn’t know the words to the song so you just said random words. It was fun but then you got home so you had to say good bye.

(YN): you want to come in?

Taylor: ermm sorry no thank you. Tonight was fun but I can’t come in.

(YN): why?

Taylor: ermm...

He just walked away, no explanation he just walked away.

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