my brothers best friend

robert pattinsons sister falls inlove with his best friend


2. family dinner


Part 2:

As you turned up to the restaurant and there wasn’t a pap in site, you knew they would be there soon though.

(YN): so I guess where sitting at a table where no one can see us.

Robert: (YN) I’m sorry I can’t help what happens with becoming famous.

(YN): I know it’s not your fault, just hate not being a normal family.

You sat at the tablet waiting for rest of your family to join you.

(YN): Robert your phones ringing.

He answered his phone and then walked away. He came back with a guy. But this was Taylor Lautner...

(YN): great more attention towards us.

Robert: (YN) shhh don’t be rude, sorry Taylor she doesn’t like all the attention.

Taylor: yeah it can be shit sometimes.

He smiled at him, what he was smiling at.

(YN): err okay then.

Robert: (YN) the reason why he’s here is because some of family members are stuck the paps have bombarded them. So Taylor is going to take you home.

(YN): great. Bye bro!

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