My first movella I hope you like it**

Lexi and Niall have been friends since forever ago. When Niall finally realizes his love for Lexi, he comes up for a master plan to win her heart, will it work? Or will he loose the girl if his dreams?


2. Phone calls and crushes.

*3 hours later*

* Lexi's P.O.V.*

I open my eyes and I'm in Louis's bed. Louis is sitting in his chair looking at his phone. Probally twitter. Man that boy's life is twitter. Ha ha. I blink a couple times and then say "Why did you do that Lou?" "Oh good god! I'm so sorry lex! I was just playing I'm really sorry." "No worrys." I say with a cheeky smile. "Haha." He laughs. I wink at him as my phone rings. I can't help but laugh when my phone ring. Louis and the boys (Harry, Zayn, Liam, and Niall) made me a ringtone that says, "PICK UP YOUR PHONE! PICK IT UP! AWNSER IT! PICK UP YOUR PHONE!" I chuckle and look at my caller I.D. And it says "Nialler" I hit accept and greet him with a "Heller?" He responds "Well isn't lex up and chippy this morning?" "Ha yeah I am in a surprisingly good mood after Lou knocked me out cold!" I look at him and give him a smile. "What did Lou do this time?" He asked. "Well how about you come over and ill tell you and we can have a movie marathon."
"Cool be there in 15 minutes, bye lex." I hang up and smile at the phone when I'm done. I've been friends with Niall for 18 years today. I think I may have feelings for him. It's like Lou reads my mind and says "I know you like him." I feel myself blush and I try to ignore the comment. I walk to my room and pick Niall's favorite casual outfit out. White skinny jeans and a colorful flower top. I slip on some black vans and skip brushing my hair to help the messy bun effect. I skip to the washroom and brush my teeth an to apply a little eyeliner. After done there I walk to the top of the stairs.
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