My first movella I hope you like it**

Lexi and Niall have been friends since forever ago. When Niall finally realizes his love for Lexi, he comes up for a master plan to win her heart, will it work? Or will he loose the girl if his dreams?


3. Memories

Louis's P.O.V. 

Today is the day my dad abandoned my family. It was nice having a dad. Play catch, talk girls, build stuff with. But he ignored me. Oh well. I was closest with mum. But she's gone. I remember her smell. The way she would kiss my injurys and every pain would go away. The way she ran her fingers through my hair when I got home from school. So much is coming back to me. I wipe the tear coming from my eye as Lexi turns on the shower. Niall is coming soon, I have to talk to him I should get ready.


Lexi's P.O.V.

As I take my last swig of water in the washroom, I complete my morning ritual.  I slowly walk to the top of the stairs and carefully place my hand in the wall. 


I study the pictures as I pass. The first is a portrait of my mum, her curly shoulder length hair and beautiful hazel eyes. She died when I was 14. Lou was 18. Louis has raised me ever since, and he has done a very good job. The second is a picture is a photo of Louis my mum and I. I am 6ish Lou is 10ish and my mum is perfectly healthy. The last picture is of Louis and I holding hands with our backs turned to the camera. It is a really flattering picture of our bond. 

I jump down the last four steps and jog to the kitchen, and pop a bag of popcorn in to the microwave. Niall and I both love popcorn. I go to our movie cabinet and pick out three movies, saw, the notebook and finding nemo. The beeps from the microwave are yelling at me to open it so I dash back to the kitchen and grab the popcorn and dr.pepper. 


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