surfa chick

this is about a girl that has been on the run for a while, but when she catches the eye of austin mahone. will she run or stay near him?


1. waves


Part 1:

You was sat on your surf board feeling the wave push you. Then you remembered ‘’what time is it’’.

So as you was getting out of the sea, you felt something hit you. When you looked you noticed it was Austin mahone.

(YN): sorry wasn’t paying attention.

Austin: it’s okay, what’s your name?

(YN): its (YN).

Austin: nice name mines Austin.

(YN): yeah I know who you are.

Austin: ohh so you’re a fan then.

(YN): no I’m just guessing that’s your name because them guys are shouting it.

You point to the men behind Austin. Then you realize its paparazzi.

(YN): shit, nice meeting you bye.

Austins pov:

that lass is beautiful, she is breath taking. but i cant help but wonder what them scars are on her back. why did she run away?


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